Necreaux Second Edition: Do the Impossible

A gentleman by the name of "Mike O." had the interesting distinction of being the first person to back the Kickstarter campaign for The Island of Doctor Necreaux: Second Edition. To recognize this we gave him the opportunity to ask us any question he wanted to about the game – mechanics, story, production... Anything at all. His question was so good and prompted such an interesting answer, we got permission from him to share it – and our answer – with y'all. Here it is:

Returning to the Island of Doctor Necreaux...

Why did we decide to reprint TIoDN?

Short answer: For the fans of the original. To introduce it to new players. To make changes I feel it deserves.

Rapid Prototyping - My tools and process

I was over on a BGG designers' group when a new user asked:

"How do you guys do rapid prototyping

How fast can you prototype a game?"

Here's what I shared:


Here are the best two tips in the following mini-ramble