Aliens vs. Cows

Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
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by Jonathan Leistiko


Silent in their lonely vigil, the cows stand between us and the unimaginable alien menace.

The Alien Leader, armed with superior technology and mobility, needs to acquire samples of sufficient quality before the space-time portal to Alpah-Zootie closes. The Top Cow isn’t a big fan of the Alien Leader’s forced recruitment drive and wants to prevent as many cow abductions as possible.


If you’re the Alien Leader, capture as many cows as possible and archive them in your flying saucer.

If you’re the Top Cow, prevent as many abductions as possible.

Rules, Pieces, etc.

The board, cards, pawns, and rules for Aliens vs. Cows are all available in one 330 KB ZIP file containing two PDFs. Since the file includes the rules, I’m not posting the rules on this web page.