Power Up! Jewel Thieves

Power Up! Jewel Thieves
Release Date: 
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Setup Time: 
Play Duration (experienced): 

by Desirée Ward

You Need

  • The Power Up! Jewel Thieves Rules and Decks,
  • 20 blue cubes,
  • 12 yellow cubes,
  • 6 red cubes,
  • one white marble cube,
  • 12 blue gems,
  • 6 purple gems,
  • 1 green gem

All the rules and instructions you need to play are included in the download (linked above), so we’re not repeating them here (as of 2015-06-28).

Origin and Credits

JAL: In June of 2015, after 21 months of dating me, Desirée finished Power Up! Jewel Thieves – her first board game. I’d say it took her about 10 days to go from concept to playable prototype to the game is it is presented here. Enjoy!

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