One player

World In My Pocket

An exploration and building long-form game for one civ-building enthusiast, played on an origami fortune teller (aka: a cootie catcher).
(With expansions and variant rules to play co-op, co-petitively, or competitively with any number of players (though 5 players total is a good upper limit))

Waiting For the Game to Start

A quick-start, quick-playing, roll-and-write game for one or more players and one full seven-die polyhedral set.

Through the Gate

An adventure game in the spirit of Narnia or Labyrinth for one to five players. Playable PvP or co-op.

CoLF DaDA - A Solo Low-Fantasy Adventure Game

A weird little solo rogue-like adventure game with mix-n-match card-based monsters and a funny little die-and-domino-matching activation system.

Space Monster

There’s something alien in Deep Space Outpost 233-B, and it’s hungry. Will you figure out how to neutralize it before it eats you? Find out in this action / exploration / suspense / combat game for one to five intrepid space explorers.


A quick game of competitive journalism for two to six players.

Jovian Syzygy

A dance with Jovian moons for 1 to 4 astral travelers.

Fact Party

Discovery, revelation, and cooperation for any number of wanderers and a library.