30 minutes

Bring Your Own Dice

Bring Your Own Dice is a quick-playing points race for two or more players where you build your own die pool, but only your highest-scoring die scores each round. Your non-scoring dice may trigger additional effects if you're lucky and if you bought them.

VENNi, Vidi, Vici

by Jonathan Leistiko.

A pen-and-paper game for two territorial space-makers.


Claim territory by splitting the board to your advantage.

You Need

  • A different color pen for each player, plus a neutral color.
  • Blank paper

Set up

Set the paper where both players can reach it. Draw two large intersecting circles in the middle of the page in the neutral color like this:

Write And Roll – Powers ‘n Points (W.A.R - PnP)

A quick-start, quick-playing roll-and-write game for two players and 2d6 where you craft a unique set of powers and "point mines"

Waiting For the Game to Start

A quick-start, quick-playing, roll-and-write game for one or more players and one full seven-die polyhedral set.

Buck The Trend

A simple game of luck for four or more players and two identical dice.


A block-based tower-building roll-and-write game for any number of would-be-architects (minimum of two). Playable via video chat!

Dinosaurs and Mammals


The Dinosaurs try to tag the Mammals, and the Mammals try to tag the Dinosaurs. (Geez, it’s a game of tag with a silly title, so the only real object is to run around, act silly, and have fun.)

You Need

  • At least one group of three people to make a Dinosaur.
  • Two or three people to play Mammals.
  • Space to run around safely.

Setting Up


A fast-paced, competitive, real-time, trading game with dice and variable goals for two to five players.

Shapeshifting Simulacra

An ever-shifting dice duel for two masters of the magical arts

Catch A Dragon By The Tail

A press-your-luck game for two to four dragon breeders.