30 minutes


An organism-swapping card game for three or four players.

Sorcerer's Apprentice

An ever-changing checkers game for two players and an Icehouse set.

Bonga Bonga

An active game to be played on any flat surface by two or more players.

Cube Digger

A three-dimensional seek-and-find game for two spelunkers.


A domino-stacking game for two or four players.

Coral Reef

Build a calcareous masterpiece without noticing that you’re practicing addition with another marine polyp.

Jam Doodle

One part art, one part communication. For two or more players.

Schlock Attack

A two-player checkers variant inspired by the online comic strip Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler.


An active swimming pool game for a water noodle wielding octopus and two or more otters.


A checkers variant with race game aspects for two or more fay-folk.