Games where you don't have to think too hard or pay too much attention. The board game equivalent of Muzak.


Investigate and explore with two to four detectives and a map.

Dino Dig

Search for specimens and toss mud on two to four paleontologists.

Deluxe Memory

Remembering those matches rewards you with some strategy for two to four players.

Thinking in Circles

A game of intuition and second-guessing for two players.

Fairly Tales

Poison apples, beanstalks, and circumlocution for two or more storytellers.

Tabletop Freeze Tag

A fun way to pass a little time, for two players and some spare change.

Pitter Pattern

Pattern placement and deduction for two to four pattern-seekers.

Alien Abduction

Deduction, role-playing, and uncomfortable probes for two or more aliens.

Quadruple Agent

A game of espionage gone horribly awry for 4 players.

Grunt Growl and Tear

A no-holds barred game of monster combat where you can rip limbs from your opponents and add them to your body, making yourself more powerful.