Games that play well with two to six players in a range of ages.


Tumblewords: It’s like a cross between that game where you make words with tiles and that game where you drop checkers into a vertical grid. For two wordsmiths.

I Want Candy!

All the fun of a piñata, with none of the screaming, accidental concussions, or clean-up. For two to six hyperactive greed-crazed kids (or kids at heart).

Peep War, 2005 revision

Lead your jellybean and marshmallow chick army to victory against one to five of your friends in Peep War: The world’s first edible war game.


Investigate and explore with two to four detectives and a map.

Dino Dig

Search for specimens and toss mud on two to four paleontologists.

Deluxe Memory

Remembering those matches rewards you with some strategy for two to four players.

Fairly Tales

Poison apples, beanstalks, and circumlocution for two or more storytellers.

Alien Abduction

Deduction, role-playing, and uncomfortable probes for two or more aliens.


A dynamic game of gain and loss played on an ever-changing board for two to six players.

Diner Chess

A game of late-night deduction and coffee for two or more players.