Games that play well with two to six players in a range of ages.


A trick-taking game with hidden trump for three to four players and a Pinochle deck.

Black Cat

A simultaneous, real time, high speed card game for two to four players.


An organism-swapping card game for three or four players.

Sorcerer's Apprentice

An ever-changing checkers game for two players and an Icehouse set.

Bonga Bonga

An active game to be played on any flat surface by two or more players.


An odd fusion of rummy and dominoes for two or more players.


A domino-stacking game for two or four players.

Coral Reef

Build a calcareous masterpiece without noticing that you’re practicing addition with another marine polyp.

Jam Doodle

One part art, one part communication. For two or more players.


An active swimming pool game for a water noodle wielding octopus and two or more otters.