Infiltrate the island. Rescue the scientists. Save the world!

The Island of Doctor Necreaux is a cooperative adventure game for one to five players, set in a 50's pulp-style "World of Tomorrow."

Bring Your Own Dice is a quick-playing points race for two or more players where you build your own die pool, but only your highest-scoring die scores each round. Your non-scoring dice may trigger additional effects if you're lucky and if you bought them.

Released: 2024-07-13

An exploration and building long-form game for one civ-building enthusiast, played on an origami fortune teller (aka: a cootie catcher).
(With expansions and variant rules to play co-op, co-petitively, or competitively with any number of players (though 5 players total is a good upper limit))

Released: 2024-05-01
Wobble Mysteries

Wobble Mysteries

An asymmetric Wordle/Scrabble mashup for a wordy mastermind and one to four clever detectives

By Jonathan Leistiko 

Inspired by a prompt from the Board Game Design Lab community on Facebook

Released: 2024-04-01
Bounce, Hop, and Crash

A roll-and-write light-cycle maze race variant for two to six risk-takers and a full 7-die set of polyhedral dice

By Jonathan Leistiko

Released: 2024-03-01

A quick-start, quick-playing roll-and-write game for two players and 2d6 where you craft a unique set of powers and "point mines"

Released: 2024-02-01
Waiting For the Game To Start banner

A quick-start, quick-playing, roll-and-write game for one or more players and one full seven-die polyhedral set.

Released: 2024-01-24
Released: 2023-01-27

An adventure game in the spirit of Narnia or Labyrinth for one to five players. Playable PvP or co-op.

Released: 2021-07-04
Brains & Hearts

A quick-start, quick-playing, one-page zombie apocalypse RPG for three to six players. Based on LASERS & FEELINGS RPG by John Harper.

Released: 2021-07-03
Buck The Trend

A simple game of luck for four or more players and two identical dice.

Released: 2021-04-25
Fromage á Trois

A quick-playing die-based set collection game for two to four cheese-loving rodents.

Released: 2021-03-05