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Wednesday, February 25, 2015
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by Shawn Storie and Jonathan Leistiko


Draw as many points as you can without drawing more than one chicken foot.

You Need


Shuffle the Chicken deck. Place it face-down where everyone can reach it. 
The player who most recently ate chicken goes first.


Each round is divided into two phases: Bid and Draw.

Bid – When bidding, take turns starting with the starting player and proceeding clockwise. On your turn, you may either bid or pass. If you bid, declare a number that’s larger than any previous bid for this round. If all other players pass, you will draw your bid in cards from the deck during the draw phase. If you pass, you may not bid again until the next round. After you bid or pass, play passes to the player to your left. Remember: If you bid and all players after you pass, you win the bid.

Draw – If you’ve won the bid, draw your bid in cards from the deck one at a time. Look at the card before showing it to anyone. If it has a number on it, don’t show it to anyone and put it face down in front of you in your score pile. If it has a chicken foot on it, put it in front of you face-up. If you have two or more chicken feet in front of you at the end of the Draw phase, the round ends. Otherwise, the player to your left becomes the starting player; start a new round.

End of Round – When a round ends, tally your score. If you have no chicken feet, add up the number on your cards and add that total to your score. If you have one chicken foot, add an extra 10 points to your score. If you have two or more chicken feet, subtract your score for the round from your total instead of adding it. Yes, your score can go negative.

Ending the Game and Winning

If a round ends and at least one player has 50 points or more, the game ends. The player with the most points wins. If any players are tied, play another round with all players.