Haunted Destinies

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
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by Jonathan Leistiko


All your life, you’ve felt like you’re walking ‘round in someone else’s shoes – living someone else’s life. Until the dreams started, that is. Half-remembered fragments and glimpses of a life much more real than your own.
Your friends and family called it creepy. Your spouse said it was disturbing. You found comfort in them – the only thing that had ever seemed real to you. That’s why you had to listen to them. Your dream self guided you to this isolated village on the the Scottish moors. It’s gloomy as a gravedigger, comfortable as a warm bath, and familiar as the smell of grandmother’s kitchen. And not just the natives, but the other strangers like you, stir these same feelings in your heart.
You’re here for a reason. You can feel it. The weight of Destiny hangs heavy over the land. The walls between past and present – life and death – they’re thin here, and the right actions at the right times could change everything. It’s time for you to fulfill your purpose.


Figure out who the Opener is and prevent him or her from destroying reality as we know it.
…Unless you realize that you’re the Opener. If you’re the Opener, your goal is to ritually consume the other players and open the barriers between all times and worlds before the Ghosts complete one of their goals.

Rules, Pieces, etc.

The rules, board tiles, and cards are all bound up in one 540 KB file: Destinies Archive.zip. Since the file includes the rules, and the rules are long and complex, we’re not posting the rules on this web page.