Six players

Loser's Game

A trick-taking game for 3 or more players that favors the underdog

Season Harvest

A resource gathering game for two or more players.

I Want Candy!

All the fun of a piñata, with none of the screaming, accidental concussions, or clean-up. For two to six hyperactive greed-crazed kids (or kids at heart).

Peep War, 2005 revision

Lead your jellybean and marshmallow chick army to victory against one to five of your friends in Peep War: The world’s first edible war game.


Watch two to six organisms multiply and spread in this strategic territory-claiming, piece-elimination game with a strong dose of chance.


A dynamic game of gain and loss played on an ever-changing board for two to six players.

1000 Blank White Questions

A trivia game where you make up the questions for three to six players.


A wargame with dynamic pieces for two to six interplanetary warlords.

Psi Squad

A logic game for three or more players.

Seven Pennies

A quicky diversion for two or more players and pocket change.