Games that reward careful attention and planning.

VENNi, Vidi, Vici

by Jonathan Leistiko.

A pen-and-paper game for two territorial space-makers.


Claim territory by splitting the board to your advantage.

You Need

  • A different color pen for each player, plus a neutral color.
  • Blank paper

Set up

Set the paper where both players can reach it. Draw two large intersecting circles in the middle of the page in the neutral color like this:

Bounce, Hop, & Crash

A roll-and-write light-cycle maze race variant for two to six risk-takers and a full 7-die set of polyhedral dice

By Jonathan Leistiko

Wobble Mysteries

Wobble Mysteries

An asymmetric Wordle/Scrabble mashup for a wordy mastermind and one to four clever detectives

By Jonathan Leistiko 

Inspired by a prompt from the Board Game Design Lab community on Facebook

Power Up! Jewel Thieves

A diceless resource gathering/ management/ goal fulfillment game of larceny for two burglars.

Shapeshifting Simulacra

An ever-shifting dice duel for two masters of the magical arts


A casual game with negotiation, voting, and interaction, resting atop a simple roll-and move foundation, with a splash of variable special player powers thrown in for good measure.

Eight-by-eight (or 8^3, or 512)

A dice game with a healthy dose of strategy for two to four players.

Grid Snakes

A board game tribute to the classic “Surround-style” video games of the 80’s for two to six digital serpents.


A red-hot, oozy, territory claiming game for two to six players.

The Stick Figure Abuse Game

Why did the stick figure cross the incredibly hazardous field of death? Find out in this cut-throat game for two to five curiously featureless individuals.