Games that teach something.

Deluxe Memory

Remembering those matches rewards you with some strategy for two to four players.

Fairly Tales

Poison apples, beanstalks, and circumlocution for two or more storytellers.


An odd fusion of rummy and dominoes for two or more players.


A domino-stacking game for two or four players.

Coral Reef

Build a calcareous masterpiece without noticing that you’re practicing addition with another marine polyp.

Jam Doodle

One part art, one part communication. For two or more players.

Psi Squad

A logic game for three or more players.

Towers of Wyoming

I used to play Lincoln Logs like this: Build towers just to knock them down with two to four players.

Fact Party

Discovery, revelation, and cooperation for any number of wanderers and a library.


Mix colors with dice to capture goals from two to five players.